Core Areas in Detail

Design Review / Project Review

  • Function, technical requirements
  • Durability
  • Manufacturability
  • Timing, Costs, Quality
  • Problem solving
  • Task Force projects

Development Process / Development Methodology

  • Analysis of current state
  • Identification of optimization potential
  • Implementation strategy
  • Procurement of appropriate service providers with special expertise


Exhaust System Design

  • Creation of customized design guidelines and standards
  • Workshops / training courses on selected topics
  • Discussion of applied examples on the basis of drawings and 3D models
  • Transfer of `lessons learned`


Process Management / Knowledge Management

  • Analysis and optimization of the Product Development Process (PDP)
  • Setup and integration of a knowledge management system
  • Structuring of a document management system

Design Methodolody / CAD-Tools

  • CAD-methodology, Knowledge-Based Engineering (KBE)
  • Design standards, standard parts catalogue, basic drawings
  • Structuring of internal / external design pool
  • Tolerance chain analysis

Innovation Process / Concept Studies

  • Definition and implementation of the innovation process
  • Innovation workshops
  • Ideas generation and evaluation
  • Concept studies monitoring