Professional Experience

Thomas Nording Automotive Engineering

Oct 2014 - Present Consulting Engineer – Automotive Industriy

Eberspaecher Exhaust Technology GmbH&Co.KG, Esslingen
One of the world leaders in the design and manufacturing of exhaust technology systems. Member of the Eberspaecher Group.

Oct 2008 – Sep 2014

Director of Development Competence Center „CoC Systems“

  • Leadership of product predevelopment teams and manufacturing process predevelopment teams (from Oct 2012)
  • Design pool, design methodology, CAD user support
  • Standardization, standard parts, design guidelines, design handbook
  • Design Reviews in customer projects
  • Prototype shops at different locations for A, B and C samples
Jan 2006 – Oct 2008

Head of Product Development Exhaust Technology for German OEMs

  • Leadership of customer development teams for BMW, Mercedes and VW Group
  • Design pool (internal/external) and design methodology
  • Prototype shop for A samples
Jun 2000 – Dec 2005

Head of Product Development Exhaust Technology for VW Group

  • Leadership of customer development teams for Audi, Porsche and VW Group
Nov 1992 – May 2000

Team Leader

  • Exhaust manifold development projects for all customers
  • Concept development projects for the complete exhaust line
  • Projects for new customers

Erhardt Bischoff GmbH&Co.KG
Design and manufacturing of automotive exhaust systems and chassis parts.
Sep 1985 – Oct 1992 Director of Product Development

Nov 1983 – Aug 1985 Development Engineer


Publications & Patents

MTZ 04/1991 „New Concept for Insulated Exhaust Manifolds, Downpipes and Catalytic Converters“
MTZ 04/1999 „Innovative Catalytic Converter Systems“
MTZ 12/2009 „Air Gap Manifold for a Turbocharged Inline 6-Cylinder Engine“
Patents: From 1992 - 2014 (Eberspaecher) applied for 20+ patents with 15+ being granted