Range of Subject Areas

Light Weight Design

  • System layout, component design
  • Alternative materials
  • Manufacturing process
  • Development methodology

Product Development Process / Prototype Stages

  • Project Phase Model
  • Development Validation Plan (DVP&R)
  • Brief descriptions of selected testing and simulation procedures
  • Prototype phase matrix

Canning Technology

  • Catalytic converter and particulate filter housing concepts
  • Layout of the substrate mounting design
  • Manufacturing process technologies
  • Specific development and validation issues

Development of Exhaust System and Components

  • Case-specific requirements for the system and components
  • Design concepts and alternatives
  • Specific development tools and methods
  • Materials, wall thickness options
  • Selected manufacturing process issues

Design Standards / Standardparts Catalogue

  • Advantages of standardization and standard parts
  • Requirements and basic parameters
  • Integration into the development process
  • Linking to Knowledge Based Engineering

Strength / Durability

  • Types of loads
  • Design measures for load reduction and/or strength enhancement
  • Impact of the choice of material
  • Lessons Learned in verification and validation
  • Manufacturing process matters